How you can donate

and help our Church

In person

Come and join us on Sundays and bring your gift

or tithes in front during the service.

Bank transfer

You can send your gift or tithes via the bank:

Name: Stichting Open Heavens Ministries

IBAN: NL04 RABO 0148 9673 45


You can make a PayPal transfer of your gift to:


​Open Heavens Ministries is a non-profit organization with the goal of spreading the Gospel in the broadest possible way, through preaching, teaching, demonstration, activation, support and training. To be in service of the Body of Christ worldwide through conferences, leadership training and spiritual oversight. To provide diaconal, material or humanitarian aid where the need arises, within the basis and nature of the foundation. Giving advice and information, life coaching, aimed at a Christian lifestyle, both to individuals and to businesses, and this through every possible means of communication and publication.


General info:

Foundation: Open Heavens Ministries

Phone: +31 6 48620303

Chamber of Commerce: 20145677

RSIN / Tax number: 820029919

Website address:



Administrational address:

St-Annaplein 12A

5111 CA



Meeting address (only on Sunday afternoons):

Oordeelsestraat 58

5111 PL




Function of Directors:

Leendert Gijsbertus Maat, Chairman

Daniel Maat, Secretary

Arie Teunis van Turenhout, Treasurer

Verantwoording ANBI 2012:

Verantwoording ANBI 2013:

Verantwoording ANBI 2014:

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Verantwoording ANBI 2016:

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Oordeelsestraat 58

5111 PL Baarle-Nassau

the Netherlands

Sunday service at 2PM

Bible Study every Wednesday at 7PM on Facebook and YouTube. 

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