The church, which we know today, does no longer answer to the Biblical model. Influences have entered the church through the ages, which transformed the church to an institution and no longer as a means to demonstrate Kingdom of God on the earth. Many expect everything from Jesus, while Jesus is waiting on the church until she fulfills her commission. A change must take place from being a flock to becoming an army, from the shepherd to the apostle. This change is often seen as a threat to people because they rather continue to walk on the well-known paths. God challenges us to come to other convictions. It is time that people again find their relation with God and that they receive revelation based on this relationship related to God’s way of working in a certain location.

Apostolic Reformation by Leo Maat

  • Table of contents:


    Chapter 1: Spheres of tension in the church
    Chapter 2: Change: threatening but necessaire
    Chapter 3: Vision or blindness
    Chapter 4: Unity and variety
    Chapter 5: Recognizing the seasons
    Chapter 6: Church 1 goal of a means
    Chapter 7: Portraying a holy nation
    Chapter 8: Belonging to the circle of...
    Chapter 9: Authority, a threat or protector
    Chapter 10: Mandate or illegal works
    Chapter 11: Covenant Relationships
    Chapter 12: Back to five anointings

    In Closing

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