The manual of Homiletics aims to be a practical help for those, who want to dedicate themselves to preaching, share a Bible study, a lecture of even a testimony. It could even be a story telling, or all sorts of public sharing of a message, whether to a big congregation or a small house group setting.

Homiletics by Leo Maat

  • The book contains two parts: a theoretical explanation of what homiletics entails, which is put in a very comprehensible way. The most technical terms are either clearly defined or have been exchanged for more popular words. The manual must serve for the laity as well as for those who followed a short term Bible school during the subject of homiletics was only superficially touched. Others have followed a course on homiletics, without actually getting the precise meaning of the subject because of the level of difficulty, which is often found in English books or because the course in itself only covered the theoretical part without giving much emphasis on the practical side.
    The second part of this manual contains a practical part. Here the author gives a lot of examples of outlines, giving the reader lots of ideas how the various methods can be worked out. Most outlines were built from his years of working on the subject, developing around 250 preaching outlines. 
    At the end of the manual, there is a handy list of Scriptures, which can be used for special occasions, such as a dedication service, a baptismal service, a wedding ceremony, a burial ceremony…. Other scriptures, which are not to be used for such occasions, are also listed.
    This manual will help everyone to use a lot of variation for long term ministry.

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